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Email marketing: Why should it be the pillar of your digital strategy?

Emailing has long been used as an important channel to connect with the customers, even before the booming of digital marketing. However, as technology advances, more platforms have emerged online and provided marketers with a wider range of choices. When digital marketing is mentioned, are “Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads” always the first keywords that come into your mind? Does it mean that email marketing has lost the digital game even before it starts? Is email still relevant amidst the digital saturation? If your answers are negative, you might have to think twice. Here’s why:

1. Cost-effectiveness

When it comes to marketing, the most important question would always be “Could this strategy bring good revenue to our business?” With email marketing, the answer is almost guaranteed “yes”. Recent research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that email marketing is able to generate $38 in ROI for every $1 spent. Powerful enough? It’s even more powerful when it’s compared to the popular social media. In terms of acquiring new customers, email is proven to be 40 times more effective compared to Facebook and Twitter, according to the McKinsey report. It’s also worth mentioning that email marketing requires very minimum to almost no cost.

2. Wide reach

We all know that almost everyone online has one or more email addresses. Indeed, there is no doubt that new channels like social media have rapidly occupied our daily lives. However, the fundamental of a social media account is still an email address. In other words, everyone is approachable via email. To be more precise, more than half the population around the globe uses email, and 91% of them actually do check their email at least once a day, as mentioned in the Entrepreneur magazine. Besides, email remains the most preferred communication channel, as Optinmonster reports that 58% of users would first check their email in the morning compared to any other activities on their phones.

3. Personalized content

Unlike other marketing tactics, email marketing is highly customizable as marketers have full control over it. We have full ownership of every single detail of the email, from crafting the content to deciding the best sending time. We often hear that “content is king”, but this is not merely a myth as it would determine how the customers would respond to your business. Customers love personalized messages, and always tend to react towards it. Imagine when you are looking for a new house, you receive an email from a property agent, would you open and click on it? The answer is definite. Email provides us with the versatility to talk to our customers with a more personal touch based on their profile and needs.

4. Measurable in real-time

The success of a marketing tactic is never known if there is no way to measure it. Numbers are essential when it comes to measuring the success of a campaign. With the use of marketing tools, the performance like open rate and click-through rate is immediately reported after the emails are delivered. It means a lot to the marketers, as we could make necessary adjustments on our next step within a short time.

5. Tactics integration

The versatility of email marketing has been discussed above. Should this mean that email is the opponent of the other channels? The truth is no. It’s normal for businesses nowadays to connect with their customers in multiple touchpoints, including website, social media, or even physical events. The question is “how could we let our customers know about these?” Emailing could help to tie all these campaigns together into a single communication. We could send our customers an e-newsletter to keep them updated and engaged. Besides, embedded “call-to-action” buttons in newsletters entice customers to engage.

The market reactivity has proven how relevant exactly email marketing is to your business. The impact of email marketing has often been underestimated. In fact, the value that it could create is larger than we thought. With all the great things mentioned above, it is fair that email marketing should be seen as the pillar of your digital marketing strategy among all other channels.

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