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Why calling upon digital marketing consultants may be what your business needs

In the light of new technologies, customers now spend more time online than they ever did before. According to, near 4.48 billion people were active internet users in October 2019. That represents 58% of the global population. The way people research or buy a product/service has been majorly impacted by their use of technologies. Offline marketing strategies are no longer as effective as they could be 25 years ago. This is why digital marketing strategies have become so popular (and necessary) for brands.

What is digital marketing?

“Digital marketing” characterizes marketing strategies executed online, including: web design/publishing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, digital campaigns such as emailing and paid campaigns (Google Adwords, Social Media or video Advertising) and data management to some extent.

Businesses, no matter their size, can use digital marketing to operate different channels in order to better reach their target audience. Because that is the goal of any effective marketing strategy: connect with your audience at the right time and place. Today, that happens online.

Digital marketing consultants: What is their role?

Their job can differ greatly according to the industry and product/service they want to promote. Nevertheless, the core role of a digital marketing consultant is the following:

  • Evaluate existing strategies in light of the needs of the business & the needs of the target market
  • Identify the most effective ways to reach the targeted audience using various digital technologies/platforms
  • Identify opportunities to improve the customer engagement (content, workflow, platforms, methods, etc)
  • Track and analyze the success of the implemented marketing strategies

Why work with consultants?

Depending on your company size, your objectives will differ. Moreover, you may think of hiring someone full time to implement digital marketing strategies. It can be a solution, but its relevance hinges on your business strategy. Let’s take a closer look:

Requesting the services of digital marketing experts is always a good idea (after all, bringing a fresh look brings no harm), though the spectrum of how they can help may be limited according to what you wish to achieve.

If your goal is one of the following, and you do not have dedicated resources, some professional guidance is advised:

  • Expanding the customer base
  • Measuring key performance indicators and using data to make business decisions
  • Defining strong and realistic marketing goals
  • Defining & implementing marketing plan with short & long-term objectives

Yet, before calling upon agencies, clarify on your end the goal. Be as specific as possible: “increase the engagement rate on the company social media accounts by 5%”, “increase the conversion rate by 3% on the corporate website”, “grow my contact database by 1,000 entries”, etc.

Based on this communicated objective, the agencies will be able to build a customized action plan. It will be easier for you then to evaluate their propositions with your objective in mind.

You will see that there are several ways to get there, yet one will resonate better with your organization’s identity and your business goals.

Ready to give digital marketing consultants a go? Our dedicated team at Digital Plant will be happy to put their expertise at the service of your projects. Click here to contact us.

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