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Synapsys Digital provides a variety of services in consulting, digital marketing & data management to help you reach your digital objectives.

We are proud to be recognized as a Google Partner for maximizing campaign success for clients, and driving client growth. Our team members also demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise (and hold Google certifications).

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Customer Relationship

Consulting & Digital Strategy

Content & Creatives

Data Management

Digital Paid Campaigns

Websites (incl. SEO)

Whether via emails, texts, social media or additional channels (App, ChatBots, WhatsApp Business, etc.), organic campaigns are essential to drive awareness, engage your existing audiences and level up the customer relationship.

Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship Management is at the heart of all digital activities. The ability of a brand to efficiently communicate to its customers – or leads – has a significant impact on their ROI. At Synapsys Digital, we assist our clients in creating and executing emailing campaigns, through proper filter identification, creation of workflows, remarketing and implementation of nurturing campaigns.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

According to Buffer, 73% of marketers believe that social media has been somewhat to very effective for their business (2019). Indeed, social media serve multiple purposes:

Moderationday-to-day engagement and conversation specialists to enhance the overall image of your organization

Social Listening: monitor keywords and mentions, understand more about the target audience and industry, discover potential leads, engage with the audience, identify top influencers / potential brand ambassadors, and content research.

Reporting: monthly reporting on the number of complaints/inquiries received segregated into categories, for tracking & monthly comparisons.

Crisis Management: social media crisis communication plan allowing the affected brand to respond quickly to any potential issue or crisis, and prevent things from getting out of control.

Social seeding: targeted placement and distribution of content on social media channels to make the brand more visible or popular. It’s a proven method that efficiently generates attention.

Digital Customer Service

According to the Business Insider Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing, 59% of people would rather go through additional channels than talk. We explore other additional support channels such as WhatsApp Business, WeChat, Chatbots, etc.

We put together this email campaigns package to better answer your needs in terms of emailing.

Email Campaigns package

Platform: MailChimp

Resources: 1 dedicated consultant, and monthly reports

Minimum duration: 6 months

Request respond time: 24 hours

Project lead time: 2 to 3 weeks + set-up time

Creative content (copy & visuals) provided by the client

Companies may face similar challenges, but each situation is unique (different industry, different market situation, different values & team culture, etc.). The key is knowing which tools/platforms to use, what kind of content to publish and how to get your brand seen by your target audience. If your business can get these right, effective digital campaigns will bring more traffic, quality leads and conversions. Our senior consultants use their expertise and cross industries experience to guide you, and shape a strategy and its execution to fit your situation & your objectives.

If you’re interested, learn more about our team members here.

Consulting & Digital Strategy

In today’s digital world, businesses need to create a seamless user experience across their various devices, channels & touch points their customers use to interact with their brand. They should also take advantage of all the data footprints left by their customers and turn them into actionable business insights to stay innovative & competitive in their market.

We accompany you in envisioning a digital strategy that’s relevant to your business, aligned on your corporate strategy and articulated across channels & touch points. Synapsys Digital helps you to define success KPIs to achieve, and then supports the strategy implementation to reach those.

Content Marketing & Creative Design enable organizations to gain visibility and online presence in the market, as digital marketing is nowadays more effective to reach large or specific audiences. The world is at your grasp but it also means the world is scrutinizing what you do online.

Content Marketing & Creative Design influence traffic & are key to conversion. According to Adobe, 63% of users want businesses to share more polished, curated content: content quality strongly affects how a company is perceived. Well-curated content, in addition to appear professional, brings credibility in the eyes of consumers. Content being a growing need of audiences, it is king to engage.


47% of buyers go through 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative (source: DemandGen).

Content, whatever its type, is a mean for people to get to know your brand, its expertise and its core values. Though essential, the strategic planning and execution of content marketing is still a challenge for marketers, and producing great content for demanding customers remains the goal to enhance customer engagement.

Visuals & Videos

Digital design requires not to forget value in the search for originality. Indeed, without an objective or clear metrics, design cannot be intentional: you’re then closer to art.

While creativity is definitely necessary and aesthetics remain essential, designers building digital products are restricted in terms of hardware (screen size, operating system capabilities, processing power, etc.), design (human interface guidelines, etc.) and user acceptance / usability (if people struggle to use the product, conversion rates will strongly reflect it).

That’s why getting the design & creatives right is key for your business success online.

People by nature like to visualize ideas. Videos in particular are preferred since they’re easier to grasp and provide an experience in themselves. Though creating videos content isn’t easy as people won’t watch a video overtly trying to sell a product or service: it has to stay engaging.

Organizations nowadays naturally collect a large volume of data. However, 97% of collected data in not used by organizations (source: Gartner). The time, effort and cost to acquire, secure and store this volume of data is significant. Yet, the critical last mile between this information and its use is most often not met, even though it represents a massive area of business opportunity.

90% of unstructured data is never analyzed. So, organizations failed to transform raw customer data into valuable business insights, whether about products, development processes, website behavior or pricing. The value that lost is gigantic.

Customers are leaving millions of footprints in the form of metadata that can be transformed and support profitable strategies. The organizations that figure out how to do this the fastest, will be the most successful. But there isn’t one data management strategy to fit all: depending on your budget, the size of your business and its nature, and your business strategy, your needs will be different, and so will your data management strategy.

Data is the new engine for businesses to drive meaningful and profitable decisions. Businesses are understanding this, and so are governments. They defined framework of regulations regarding how businesses and public sector organizations can use customer data. While data management expertise is a great tool to support your business decisions, applicable regulations must be observed.

Collecting, segmenting, keeping & managing data

We assist you in defining data sources, maintaining your database and keeping your data visualization tools up to date so you can always have a current overview of your data and stay in line with your data strategy & objectives.

Creating value for businesses by converting newly acquired data for sales leads

Optimize the use of data to create value! Collected raw data can be turned into valuable insights regarding your prospect needs (which can be used by your sales team).

Helping organizations optimize the use of data within the bounds of policy & regulation

According to DMA, 88% of consumers who are willing to share personal information want transparency about how it’s used. The world’s strongest data protection rules covers Europe: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We support you in organizing your database in order to optimize the value you get from it, all within the regulation principles applicable to your company.

Guiding and training Marketers regarding Data management best practices

We provide face-to-face or digital data services training upon request, and are able to guide you on any data-related topic you may have.

Everything is online, and being online is everything. At a click’s range from a prospect, a post away from potential business: digital campaigns (paid ads, marketing automation) are a powerful tool to help businesses speak to their audience.

Whether via search engine advertising, display or social media, digital paid campaigns are essential to drive awareness, generate leads and level up the customer relationship. But it’s important to be clear about your digital campaign strategy & objectives.

Moreover, most digital paid campaigns platforms enable real-time data: that means you can better understand audience behaviors, in real-time, and adjust your campaigns accordingly. When in offline marketing you engage budget that can’t be retracted, digital paid campaigns are very flexible in that aspect: you can stop a campaign a few minutes before going live.

Social Media Advertising

The past few years witnessed the slow decline of organic reach on social media. The brands’ ability to naturally speak to their audience dropped, below 2% according to Drive Social Media. Paid ads are now leading the way on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter with always the same focus: content. Our mission is to help our clients to understand why Paid Ads should be part of their strategy and how to cut through the noise with so many voices fighting to be heard.

Search Engine Advertising

Google’s ecosystem is remarkably wide and helps companies to target with a powerful precision with paid ads. Whether your strategy will lead you to use Youtube, Google Display Network or Google Adwords, our team of experts will help you to make the best out of these enriched tools.

We can also support your needs on other search engines (for instance, Microsoft Ads for Bing).

Campaign strategy

Identifying business, marketing and communication objectives is the key phase that will make your campaign successful. Because in the rich ecosystem of digital campaigns, options are infinite. Our experts are able to audit the existing, define fitting goals, generate efficient strategies and select the most appropriate tactic(s). All aspects of project management are then implemented: from recommendation to post-mortem, including creation, implementation, reporting and optimizations.

We put together paid ads packages, to better answer your needs in terms of paid ads campaigns.

Paid Ads packages

Platform: Google, Facebook or Instagram

Resources: 1 dedicated consultant, and monthly reports

Free Ad account set-up (incl. Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager)

No commission on media budget

Minimum duration: 6 months

Request respond time: 24 hours

Project lead time: 4 to 6 weeks

Maximum of 3 ads per campaign

Creative content (copy & visuals) provided by the client

Visitors judge a website credibility based on its aesthetics. It’s human nature to react well to what we perceive as beautiful: a website with pleasing aesthetics will appear to be more professional, as long as it’s functional as well.

According to Forrester, an optimized user experience design could improve a website conversion rate by 400%.

Overall, the user experience (usability, loading time, design and all content) you provide is the base on which your business will be appraised. Our consultants help you with their website expertise to get it right on all devices. 

Web Publishing

94% of people don’t trust outdated websites (source: MyTechlogy). Web publishing puts you online and makes sure your website is kept up to date and well maintained. It includes: building and managing websites, updating webpages and posting content. It’s very linked to design in the building stage as the usability of the website, its responsiveness or the loading time are key elements to consider for the user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO consists of optimizing your website to get organic (un-paid) traffic from the search engine results page. It involves making changes to your website design and content that make it more attractive to a search engine. The goal is for the search engine to display your website as a top result when users make queries.

To provide relevant and quality results, search engines crawl (or scan) website pages and give rankings based on the content but also on the user-friendliness of the website (navigation, reading).

There are ways to enhance your site ranking for relevant keywords and phrases: optimized relevant content, on-page SEO (title tag, meta description, sub-headings, internal links, image alt tags) and off-page SEO (trust, backlinks, social signals).

We put together this website package to better answer your needs in terms of web publishing.

Website package

Platform: Custom website using WordPress

Resources: 1 dedicated consultant and developer

Project duration: 6 to 8 weeks once details are confirmed

Request respond time: 24 hours

Creative content (copy & visuals) provided by the client

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